Ant Capital’s Creed

Ant Philosophies

  • We screen investment choices, making the most of profitable rationality and leaving behind personal considerations.
  • We attach a high value to the construction of relationships of mutual trust with the companies in our investment portfolio. In the case that there is any possibility of damage to the relationship of trust established among the companies in our investment portfolio, our shareholders and investors, we place priority on the maintenance of that relationship of trust over making a profit.
  • We make the utmost effort to maximize the corporate value of the companies in our investment portfolio by being actively involved in their management.
Job Execution
  • We seek the best human resources, work as a small and highly efficient workforce, respect each other and emphasize teamwork.
  • We are required to work honorably based on a strict code of conduct as professionals.
  • We prioritize substance over reputation and deeds over words.
  • We are a genuine, fair and trusted corporation that observes legal regulations.
  • We set challenging goals and concentrate on having a great time producing results.
  • We swiftly put our plans into execution and never draw a line or boundaries in the pursuit of any activity or target.
Work Enviroment
  • We create a work environment where we respect diversity and where personnel with versatile talents, opinions and backgrounds can activity assume a leadership role in the organization to bring forth the potential and competencies of our colleagues to the fullest extent.
  • We minimize hierarchy schemes and clarify the authorities and duties of each member.
  • For the solution of issues and the execution of plans, we require the involvement of everyone.
  • We consider the balance between the jobs and families of each of our members and help to carry out the responsibilities we have to our families.