Service Offerings

Service Offerings

case 01


  • A restaurant with multiple outlets was struggling to allocate employees in a way that takes into account their customer service skills, compatibility, and work shifts, etc. AI・DX Support Office decided to provide support for optimizing the workforce.
  • We built a system that can quantify the skills of each employee and the impact of each skill on sales, and simulate optimal staffing. With this system, the company can now make numerical judgments about reassignments and personnel replacement, which had relied on experience.

case 02

Prep school

  • We have introduced a system that uses AI to learn and analyze data on students’ proficiency levels and correct answer rates, and calculates the correct answer rate for each question according to academic ability.
  • The system enables teachers to follow up on whether the students answered correctly or accidentally with a low percentage of correct answers calculated by the system, thereby improving their learning efficiency.