Investment Policy

Loyal Hands-on Approach

Our Group invests in medium-sized Japanese companies and medium-sized foreign companies whose primary market is Japan. There are many medium-sized companies in Japan with potential that possess excellent human resources, products/technologies, business models and brands, but they are unfortunately lacking in experience with things like fine-tuned marketing strategies, logical business management and the ability to expand procurement, manufacturing and sales overseas, so in many cases they are not fully realizing their potential.

The members of our Group are not just financial experts. More than half have served as president of a company in which we invest or another company. Their know-how from running many different companies has provided the basis for our success in improving the corporate value of medium-sized companies. Multiple investment managers from our Group are personally involved in providing management support to each of the companies in which we invest and are deeply committed to them. In the industry, our hands-on approach is referred to as a “Loyal hands-on approach.”

Investments: The Key Points We Emphasize

Business category

We consider all business categories and industries

Candidate companies
/business deals

Medium-sized companies expected to have stable cash flow

Companies/business deals with characteristics like the following:

  1. Business succession of owner-operator companies
  2. Review of capitalization strategies of unlisted companies and privatization of listed companies
  3. Rebuilding of business portfolios by large corporations
Business potential

Establishment of highly feasible strategy/measures for improving corporate value

  1. Emphasis on discussions with management and mutual trust while aiming for improved corporate value
Corporate vision
for the future

Sharing of understanding with respect to future capitalization strategy and shareholder composition

  1. Searching for optimal conclusion for long-term growth of the company
  2. Discussions with management from preliminary stages of investment