Our Strengths

Support for AI (Artificial Intelligence) application and DX (Digital Transformation)

We not only help our portfolio companies to promote DX by replacing their systems and introducing BI tools, but also help them to increase the possibility of promoting discontinuous growth in their businesses by proposing AI-based data analysis and utilization and IoT strategies.

AI・DX Support Office is staffed by experts with knowledge and experience in AI, data science, cyber security, and system construction, etc., and provides optimal strategy planning and advice according to the environment of the portfolio company. We also provide consultation on general IT issues for our portfolio companies, and have a system in place to provide support including the basics.

We provide support services regardless of industry, and our business support in the AI and DX sectors tailored to each portfolio company has been well received by our portfolio companies.

Outline of activities of AI・DX Support Office

Outline of activities of AI・DX Support Office